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Collaboration Without Boundaries with David Clarke

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This week’s episode of The Experience features special guest best-selling Author, Inventor, and Chief Product Officer for Toolwire, David Clarke.

Episode Notes

On this week’s episode of The Experience, presented by Avaya, our special guest is best-selling Author, Inventor, and Chief Product Officer for Toolwire, David Clarke! He sits down with Steve Forcum, the Chief Evangelist at Avaya, to give us some insight into the new and exciting world of modern collaboration and building experiences. On this show we bring you thought-provoking conversations with industry leaders, technologists, creators, influencers and others who are bringing life to the future of experiences and that's exactly what we're doing today. Despite difficult and unprecedented times, working together has become as important as ever. With new and evolving technologies, distance has become a thing of the past and this episode is all about collaboration without boundaries! Learn from David the current state of digital collaboration. Hear first hand how Avaya and Toolwire are creating a global ecosystem of partners and customers that are accelerating technological transformation throughout the globe with their initiative, Avaya Experience Builders. Listen as Steve and David talk about the ways technology is enhancing remote and digital learning for students everywhere and how this collaboration technology impacts us down the road. The duo also touches on the human element of these advancements and how we can maintain real connections alongside evolving technology. In this episode you will also get to hear a little about the ever important CX Day, or Customer Experience Day, which is a global celebration of companies and professionals that create wonderful customer experiences! Hear from David the importance behind this day and what makes the customer experience so integral to building and running a sustainable business. This is an interesting and thought provoking episode you do not want to miss! So get ready, hit play, and join us for another episode of The Experience, brought to you by Avaya!

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