The Experience

Enhancing Customer & Employee Experiences in the Contact Center

Episode Summary

Avaya’s Chris Bain speaks with Bryant Richardson, CIO for Skybridge Americas, about enhancing the customer and employee experience through cloud.

Episode Notes

Welcome back to ‘The Experience,’ brought to you by Avaya, where we’re bringing you thought-provoking conversations with industry leaders, technologists, creators, influencers, and others who are bringing to life the future of experiences. Today, Avaya’s Head of Analyst Relations and Storytelling and guest host Chris Bain, speaks with Bryant Richardson, the fractional Chief Information Officer for Skybridge Americas and President of Real Blue Sky, LLC. The pair speak about the best ways to enhance customer and employee experience in the contact center through cloud, as well as the value created by transitioning from an on-premises solution. Sit back and enjoy this timely conversation about the future of experiences. And, if you’ve enjoyed the show, don’t forget to like us, and subscribe so you don’t miss another exciting episode of ‘The Experience,’ brought to you by Avaya.

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