The Experience

Changing The Game with Next Generation Experiences

Episode Summary

A live conversation with Avaya CMO, Simon Harrison and thought leader, Liz Miller on how to deliver a connected, mobile, and safer learning experience.

Episode Notes

On this week’s episode, we listen in to a conversation between Avaya CMO and former Gartner analyst, Simon Harrison and one of the key thought leaders from Constellation Research, Liz Miller that occurred at a recent live event. They talk about how delivering effortless experiences for customers and the employees that serve them is now more important than ever. Plus, their thoughts on the ‘experience economy,’ next-gen CX and EX, and the future of experience! Learn how organizations today are experimenting on how to better “delight” their employees and customers and deliver tailored experiences to them. The future of delivering natural experiences lies in adjusting our mindset to what is going to save people money and deliver them moments. Creativity and collaboration are the measurements of successful engagements. Even during the pandemic, there is massive potential in the new world of work. On today’s episode, dive deep into how companies are empowering their employees to be their authentic selves through seamless connectivity. 

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