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Inclusionary Experiences with Spaceflight Pilot Dr. Proctor

Episode Summary

Our guest is Inspiration4 spaceflight pilot, Dr. Sian Proctor! She sits down to discuss her remarkable journey, that eventually lead to space, and the importance of diversity, inclusion and individuality in all lines of work.

Episode Notes

Get ready for another episode of The Experience, presented by Avaya, this week with one of the Explorers Club’s ‘50 People Changing The World,’ Dr. Sian Proctor! She sits down with Steve Forcum, the Chief Evangelist at Avaya, to give us some insight into her amazing experiences as an explorer, educator, and innovator. Part of our goal each episode is to cultivate thoughtful conversation with industry leaders, technologists, creators and more who are bringing to life the future of experiences. Listen as Steve and Dr. Proctor touch on important topics such as what took to her space, as well as diversity, inclusion and individuality in all lines of work. You may have seen Dr. Proctor in one of the many television appearances she has made, or even taken a geology class from her at South Mountain Community College. But one of her most inspiring and exciting achievements is that she has the honor of being the first black woman to pilot a spacecraft, on the Inspiration4 all civilian orbital spaceflight! Learn first hand what it was like to hear the count down from mission control and lift off into the atmosphere above. Not to mention get some insight into the training and planning that goes into a mission to space. Find out where Dr. Protector’s love of science and exploration started and how her background created a passion for STEAM - science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. The duo also touch on how technology is making both teaching and collaboration easier and highlight some of the best practices to help bring teams and collaborators together. The importance of diversity, individuality, and inclusivity is a philosophy that’s core to Avaya’s products and services - bringing workforces together. Dr. Proctor and Steve take a dive into how this can be achieved and what the future looks like in the world of science. This is an episode you do not want to miss, so join us for The Experience, brought to you by Avaya!

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