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The New Hybrid Cloud Playbook

Episode Summary

On this episode CEO, and Lead Analyst at Aragon Research, Jim Lundy, joins Steve Forcum to discuss the benefits of hybrid cloud.

Episode Notes

Welcome back to another episode of ‘The Experience,’ brought to you by Avaya, where we’re bringing you thought-provoking conversations with industry leaders, technologists, creators, influencers, and others who are bringing to life the future of experiences. On this episode, host Steve Forcum is joined by the Founder, CEO, and Lead Analyst at Aragon Research, Jim Lundy. Having 30 years of technology and management experience, Jim recently released The New Playbook for Unified Communications & Collaboration focused on the concept of hybrid cloud – a unique blend between public SaaS, cloud, and private cloud. Steve and Jim dive into the benefits of hybrid cloud and discuss why large enterprises should be seriously considering it as an option for the future.

You can follow Jim on Linkedin and you can learn more about the exciting work Aragon Research is doing on their website.

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