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What Is An Effortless Experience?

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This week’s guest is the Director of Customer and Partner Onboarding at Avaya, Davide Petramala, to talk about why connections matter.

Episode Notes

Welcome to The Experience, brought to you by Avaya! This week’s guest is the Director of Customer and Partner Onboarding at Avaya, Davide Petramala! Davide is here to talk to us about why connections matter and how a “composable enterprise” can deliver effortless experiences. This podcast is a show that shares insights into the future of customer and employee experiences. Join Avaya Chief Evangelist, Steve Forcum for thought-provoking conversations each episode as he is joined by industry leaders, technologists, creators, influencers, and others who are bringing to life the future of experiences. Get a front-row seat for understanding how today’s digital journeys happen on multiple channels and across various touchpoints. With this, customer loyalty is now built on creating fully integrated connections - any channel, any platform, any time with a fully connected customer experience. Together Steve and Davide take a closer look at how companies can embed communications into all processes and applications based on a more agile and composable approach. They also discuss how to incorporate AI and CPaaS to drive new capabilities that reduce complexities and deliver effortless experiences that matter. Because that is the most important thing, providing an experience that is both memorable and enjoyable. It matters. As a company you want to provide the best and most seamless experience to your customers and by doing so build a lasting relationship and connection. It’s through experiences that success is achieved! Join Steve and Davide for an insightful and exciting conversation about why connections matter and how effortless experiences are composed. So what are you waiting for? Sit back, relax and start listening to this brand new episode of The Experience, presented by Avaya!

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