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Why FinTech Must Transform with Brett Shockley

Episode Summary

Brett Shockley of Journey.AI discusses how businesses can stay competitive by combining security and customer comfort.

Episode Notes

This week on The Experience, presented by Avaya, Steve is joined by Brett Shockley, co-founder and CEO of Journey.AI which focuses on solving customer identity verification for business, with emphasis on the financial industry. Listen as they discuss Brett’s journey from CTO of Avaya to helping start Journey.AI and some of the lessons he learned along the way. He also gives his view of the current state of online security and what still needs to be done in order to help organizations stay competitive. He addresses the unique challenge of customer choice and how businesses can go about synthesizing comfort with platform security. Customers’ online “identity” can often be a confusing and intricate topic; Brett helps listeners by breaking down some of the nuances so listeners can get a better understanding of what their online “identity” looks like. Plus, hear more on the role of mobility, biometrics,  how online security is being reimagined, and, ultimately, what all this means for customer experience. All this and even more on this insightful episode of The Experience, brought to you by Avaya. 

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